We aspire to be different

More honest, more dedicated to customers, more committed to quality

Our values

Introducing Guidewire

What makes Guidewire special?

We believe we have a good idea about what makes a fulfilling work life for employees:

  • Meaningful work
  • Quality products
  • Sound business strategy
  • Ultra-competent colleagues
  • Plenty of freedom to innovate and create

More about Guidewire

Sandia Ren

Vice President of Professional Services

"Fantastic people, fulfilling opportunities and fun!"

David Hamill

Senior Graphic Designer

"One thing that's really stood out is how flexible Guidewire have been, particularly around work/life balance."

Eugene Lee

Vice President of Data and Analytics

"The learning never stops."

Lance Holman

Account Lead Support Engineer

"You can't help but be swept up in the energy of this environment."

Erin O’Harra-Sutton

Internal Communications Manager

"The Culture of Trust"

Denise Videtta

Software Manager

"Guidewire is More Than Just a Job"