Our teams

The success of Guidewire comes from a wonderfully tuned combination of highly-focused business developers, talented programmers and skilled consultants

Product Development

Well-designed, reliable, and consistently delivering as promised

The importance of Product Development

We build the products that form the basis of Guidewire's business. Our philosophy is to build products that will support the long-term success of our customers, requiring care, craftsmanship and attention to detail. We take our time and produce software that's highly configurable and scalable. Our software rises to the challenges presented by an enterprise operational environment. In short, we do serious engineering for customers who demand nothing less.

Developing at Guidewire

Speak to any of our Developers, QA Engineers or Product Managers and you'll soon pick up on their enthusiasm for our unique culture. When we started Guidewire, we set out to create a place to write software the way we wanted to write it – by respecting the power of smart, motivated people to find the best possible way to do their jobs. That hasn't changed.

In our meritocratic culture, influence comes from the quality of ideas, not the loftiness of job titles. If there's a better way to do something, we want to hear about it. That's why our development teams get together regularly to figure out how to improve what they're doing. Everyone has a voice. In fact, that's one of the really great things about Guidewire: people are treated as individuals, not nameless resources.

Our plans for the future

We're constantly building on and improving our product offerings and we've started making inroads into newer territories with cloud-based solutions such as those built on the Guidewire Live platform. Initiatives in predictive analytics, real-time feedback, and consumer and producer portals are also in the works. As we move into new areas and platforms we look for additional talented people. This combined with the fact that we operate in an increasing number of markets around the globe means that we can now offer more opportunities than ever before.

The value of great people

Great engineers care about writing quality code. Great engineers pay attention to effective testing. Great engineers make Guidewire products the best they can be. Our strength comes from holding ourselves to a high level of integrity, being able to call out problems and find solutions by working together. Guidewire engineers have an infectious passion for innovation and improvement, for finding creative solutions to complex problems.

In Product Development, we tend not to take short cuts, opting instead to build products well the first time around. If we miss the mark, we try again. Our development approach is rational, based on data and fact rather than wishful thinking. We want people who continually seek to improve, who never satisfice, who are never satisfied and are relentless in their pursuit of a finding a better way. We want people who work well with others and help their teammates.

What makes Product Development a great place to work?

You will make life-long friends and work with colleagues who will push you and help you to be a better engineer. We offer a healthy work/life balance. We are family-oriented, open and honest, and we've been named the number one 'Best Tech Company To Work For' in 2011, 2012, and runner up in 2013. We really think that you'll enjoy coming to work with us at Guidewire.

Sales and Marketing

Taking our name, software and services to market

The importance of Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing teams are critical to Guidewire's success. For one, the revenue from new sales ensures that we have the funding required to continuously invest in our products and in scaling our growing company. Secondly, our industry is undergoing a technology led transformation: our sales and marketing teams have the experience and knowledge to partner with insurers to help them plan for success. Of course, our sales and marketing teams are our key ambassadors in the marketplace, and play a key role in how the Guidewire brand is perceived.

Business Development at Guidewire

Before we even started developing software, Guidewire's founders met with and listened to many P/C insurers. That experience, that firsthand insight, helped them to develop deep empathy with the enormous challenges facing insurers and to engage in an honest dialog of how we could help them. Today, these principles of listening, empathy and honesty are as strong as ever. We now have around 200 talented people in our sales and marketing teams around the world, and we continue to work closely with insurers to earn their trust and deliver exactly what they need us to deliver.

Our plans for the future

We're growing globally. Which is why we're bringing in new people all the time. We're investing in our infrastructure and processes too, ensuring that we scale our sales and marketing operations. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do: we're constantly exploring new ways to refine how we help new and existing customers to achieve value throughout the entire lifecycle. Understandably, we need to recruit the right kind of people to make our ambitions a reality. People who fit into our culture and approach. People who will help us – drive us – to improve through their passion, ideas and skills.

The value of great people

There's a real craft to sales and marketing – and great sales and marketing people understand that. That's why we need people who are passionate about what they do. Intelligence and excellent sales and marketing skills are table-stakes for new recruits. We demand more. We look for people that have exceptional communication skills and who can show true empathy for our potential customers. People who embrace the key tenets of our culture: integrity, rationality and collegiality.

Yes, we've achieved an incredible amount. We've done very well in the marketplace. But we know there's more we can do, more we must do. We have many improvements we can make as we grow and scale our sales and marketing initiatives. This, in turn, creates exceptional career opportunities for our people. As well as individual career development, we can offer you the chance to be part of a team that, with hard work and dedication, has a good shot at being the undisputed leader in its chosen industry. Now that's exciting.

What makes Sales and Marketing a great place to work?

The entire company is focused on our customers' success. It is, without question, the most essential part of our DNA. From a sales and market perspective, this makes Guidewire a great place to work. Your typical sales cycle can be lengthy and arduous. But we have a number of significant advantages. Like our high quality software. Our unparalleled level of implementation success. And most importantly of all, a customer community that is already achieving success using our products.

Professional Services

Building strong relationships and empowering customers

The importance of Professional Services

We are the face of Guidewire to our customers by helping them successfully implement our products. But how do we define success? It's not just about getting the customer to a go-live date. It's about helping them transform their business so they can be successful for a lifetime.

That is why we work tirelessly to apply business and technology best practices to ensure the customer is receiving optimal value from our products. That is why we track and prioritize requirements based on the tangible value they will provide. That is why we mentor the customer throughout the project so they can deliver value long after our Services team has rolled off. All of this builds a strong relationship with customers and empowers them to deliver a solution that meets their current – and future – business needs.

Our Professional Services approach

Implementations are complex. Customers' challenges are varied. So how is it possible that we have more than 150 successful implementations and upgrades without a single project failure? What's our secret? First, we identify the requirements that provide the most value to the customer and help them deliver that solution as early as possible. Then we bring in a small team of consultants who work alongside our customers and partners to facilitate success. We use an Agile methodology to deliver the requirements in an iterative approach. This helps the customer team build their product knowledge throughout the project and become self-sufficient. With Agile, customers can validate their requirements earlier in the project, not at the end when there is less time to address gaps or defects. By demonstrating iterative value, the customer gets excited and more engaged in the project.

We share our project collateral and product accelerators with the customer to help them hit the ground running. We then monitor progress during project health checks to assess how well the customer is leveraging industry, product, and project best practices. But these ingredients only get you so far. To maintain our track record of success, we need great people. Finding the right people to grow our organization – and then helping them to grow within our company – that's the true secret of our success.

Our plans for the future

As Guidewire continues to grow, so have the opportunities within Professional Services.

  • Want to travel? Our field consultants support a worldwide customer base; just let your manager know what interests you.
  • Want to work with our best-in-class Guidewire Services Center in Dublin, Ireland? You'll be part of a highly trained team that works remotely with our customers and field consultants on product engagements.
  • Want to improve efficiency and operational excellence? Our Global Enablement team ensures consistency and best practices are applied within our organization and across our projects.
  • Want to solve issues that come up after the implementation goes live? Join Guidewire Support to be part of a team that repeatedly receives exceptional customer service ratings.

But growth isn't always easy. It takes work. Thankfully, we are nimble and up to the challenge. We continuously improve and learn from each other to advance our industry knowledge, improve our methodology, and share best practices. We also learn from our customers. They have great ideas on how we can enhance our products, which we share with our development team. Sometimes these ideas lead to a new product offering, which generates new growth opportunities for our Services team. Examples of this include our Guidewire Live applications, our recent Mobile and Portal solutions, and our new Data Management and Business Intelligence offering.

The value of great people

Great people deliver great projects, and great projects create a great customer experience. That's why every Guidewire consultant has an unwavering commitment to the customer's success. To meet this customer commitment, we need people who are collegial, rational, and honest – people who are creative, technical, and collaborative – people who are smart yet remain humble. We're motivated by the positive difference we make for our customers.

What makes Professional Services a great place to work?

Collaboration and collegiality are important to us. We don't get caught up in unnecessary bureaucracy, lofty titles, or internal politics. We simply want to do the right thing for the customer. And it's not just lip service. This commitment starts at the top. Our leadership team helped build a customer-focused culture that now differentiates us from our competition. Despite our success, they remain humble and value everyone's opinion.

Few companies offer the high level of customer service that we do. When others might say "Not our problem", we find a way to make it right, even if it means solving a third-party issue. With our commitment to customer success, a well-respected leadership team, and the advantage of working on the best products in our space, it's easy to understand why Guidewire has such loyal and engaged employees.

Business Operations

Keeping the wheels of commerce turning

More than 140 people across the world work in our global business services function. You can work in any number of business functions, from Finance to Human Resources, Information Systems and Technology to Operations, and all those invaluable administration roles that keep our business moving forward.

While our Foster City, California, headquarters is the nerve center of our global business, we also have regional offices across the globe to cover key markets in Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as new markets in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Focus on

Finance and Accounting

Led by our CFO, Curtis Smith, Guidewire's finance and accounting team is very influential and quite involved in advising the leadership team on a broad set of topics. There are a number of rewarding and challenging positions as the team supports operations in 13 countries spanning 3 lines of business.

It's a daily occurrence to deal with multiple accounting and business planning scenarios that require a commitment to GAAP and a rigorous attention to detail. The team's structure mirrors the business and we have all of the typical functions of a larger corporation (Revenue Assurance, Financial Planning & Analysis, SEC Reporting, Treasury, Strategy, etc.) so there is a tremendous opportunity for growth. Many of our team leads started out as individual contributors and have gone on to be promoted.