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Ready to put away the books, roll up your sleeves and start working? When you come to us, there's no standing around watching others do all the work

Paid Summer Software Development Internships

Write code that we plan to use

Software internships

Join us and you'll learn what it's like to do professional software development. You'll work on meaningful projects. You'll write code that we plan to use and work side by side with our core development staff, using the same Agile methodologies and development tools that they use. In fact, you'll get to work with lots of very talented, smart and approachable people. You'll meet interns from other schools too, and hopefully have some fun along the way. One thing is for certain: after a summer spent with Guidewire, you'll have a much better idea about whether a career in software development is right for you.

Software Development Graduates

You learn best by doing, that's our philosophy

World-class applications don't happen by accident. They happen because we hire great people who build outstanding products through a rational and sustainable development process based on Agile principles. From the start, you'll play an active part in shaping our future, offering up your insight, sharing your ideas and driving decisions. We invest in you from the moment you step into our world. A world which starts with structured training – on the product and the Guidewire methodology. Then it's down to business. And business here means working on real code. Code that goes into our product and is used by our customers.

One of our biggest accomplishments is that we have built a great place to work. We work in collaborative teams, not silos, so you'll see, hear and experience how we work, building up your knowledge and experience as you go. You'll also be using high quality software that consistently delivers as promised, with the opportunity to make your mark on it too. All your questions are answered, all suggestions are considered. We want your input to help us get better.

What we offer

Constantly supporting and challenging each other to be better

We're constantly supporting and challenging each other to write better code, write better software, use better tools, try new languages and techniques, and make an impact on our software and our customers. We've even created our own programming language, Gosu, to help us develop better software.

We know that fully engaged people do great work. So we'll keep your mind primed and active, with regular technical discussions and meetings with your leadership team, where you'll be encouraged to speak up and share ideas. We will provide you with free breakfast, snacks and drinks. We'll also keep you relaxed, with games and relaxation areas. And we'll keep you connected with your fellow interns with social events such as 'Thirsty Thursdays', company parties and team nights out.

What we're looking for

Our entry bar is high

You'll need to be currently studying or completing a BSc or MSc, ideally in Computer Science. But beyond the classroom, you'll already be honing your skills, gaining useful experience in:

  • Agile software development
  • Algorithms and Object Oriented programming (JAVA/C#), relational databases (data modelling/SQL), web UI (design and development), XML, application architecture
  • Scripting
  • Web-based applications and technologies
  • Application servers: tomcat, JBoss, etc.
  • HTML, Javascript, AJAX, ExtJS


Your first steps into our world

The right chemistry is important, even in the world of technology. You need to be sure that we're right for you and that you're right for us. That's why, at our University recruitment visits, you will have the chance to meet and talk with a Guidewire engineer. They'll talk about what they work on, how they work, even why they like working here. But they're also there to answer your questions. They'll then decide, sometimes on the spot, whether to bring you in for an interview or perhaps send you a coding test.

If you can't get to one of our University visits, no worries, you can apply through this website. One of our engineers will evaluate your application and, if they like what they see, you'll be invited to complete a coding test. And so you know, coding tests are evaluated by the software engineers that you'll end up working with during your time at Guidewire. We think it's the best way to do it.


Come and meet us




GradIreland Live, RDS Main Hall, Dublin




University College, Dublin



Trinity College Dublin



Maynooth University



Athlone Institute of Technology

GosuCoder Coding Challenge

Take the Guidewire Ireland GosuCoder Coding Challenge

If you're a Computer Science or Engineering student in Ireland, here's your chance to showcase your programming and logical thinking skills. We call it the GosuCoder Coding Challenge and its aim is to recognize innovative programmers. Round one is online programming, where points are awarded based on approach, innovation, coding standards and completion. From there, we invite the top ten performers to our company campus in Dublin for a final, show-us-what-you-can-do contest.

Up for the challenge? Watch this space for further competitions. Get involved and find out more.